Dear world-readership,
welcome to rotul.us! For millennia, rotuli (latin for scroll, singular: rotulus) and codices (books and book-like constructs) have been media of correspondence, documentation, and preservation. Inspired by this analog, non-volatile, yet somewhat limited ancient technology, we implemented this digital electronic counterpart; as a mnemonic (aid to our fading biological memory), but also to share some of our experiences with you. Since Manhattan is the borough we live in, the posts will likely focus on New York City and its neighborhoods; and since we are interested in excursions & travel / food & cooking / media, arts & music / and science & technology, these four categories will likely be covered.

Whether you are interested in the Big Apple, a visitor to the city, or a fellow cohabitant, let us know if something catches your attention.


The food and nutrient scroll


A guide to restaurants and culinary experiences we explored.

The travel and explore scroll


A guide to travels and explorations we undertook.



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